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Nominating a blog for the Edublog Awards 2011


I am nominating!!!  This blog is the best blog because there are always new posts every time I check and they’re always interesting.  Also Alexandra always comments back from your comment really quickly! I think everyone should check out this blog and nominate it for the blogging challenge!

This week’s video clip!!!!!!!!!


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this week’s funny picture!!!


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L.S.S.S.A….. slow and steady wins the race!


L.S.S.S.A is an event that is held once every year where all of the schools where I live come together to do ahleteics.  To be able to be apart of this you have to of ranked really high in that event when competed at your indival schools ahletics day.

I was one of those lucky people who were chosen to compet in the L.S.S.S.A 800 meters!  I was so very nervous because we did not have this event at our school so our pysical education teacher just chose me randomly! 

As I stood there waiting for the ready, set (they blow the horn) I look across at all the grade six girls I was running against.  They all look really fast and deturnmined to win.

When the horn blew very started spritting off but that was not a very good idea because after 200 meters they slowed down and I caught up!  All of a sudden I realised that I was coming first! 

At the end I sprited as fast as I could to the finish and I won!  I looked behind to realise that I propaly did not even need to sprit a head because they were still about another 20 meters away!

I was very happy but really tried because I had pushed myself to the limt!  So I guess the old saying is true… slow and steady wins the race!


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My BIG Family!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a really big family, but I love them all very much!!!


Mum, Step-dad, Dad, Step mum


Henry- 14, Charlie- 2, Thomas-1 and Alfie-1


Samantha- 4


2 gold fish, 3 dogs, 1 cat and lots more other animals because my dad lives on a farm.

Expect for my big brother Henry all my other brothers and sisters are only half brother and sisters, but we act like were all whole brothers and sisters.

Mum: My mum is the news reader where I live. Also she writes one article for our newspaper each week and she also is the ambassider for a charity called ‘The clown doctors’.

Step- dad: My step- dad owns and teachers ballroom dancing. He also compets in it as well.

Dad: My dad use to be a chef, but now the owns a boat yard. A boat yard is were you repair boats, you boats can stay there, you can buy things from the shop for boats and stuff like that.

Step- mum: My step- mum also owns the boat yard with my dad and is also a realastate agent.

I have a lot of granmas, grandpas, cosins, aunties and uncle which are mostly in Australia but some are in New Zealand as well. So I have a very BIG family!

How big is yours? 

This week’s video clip


This week’s funny picture!!!!


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How to SAVE water???


Snice in Australia it is coming into Summer it is the time were water becomes really important.  With lots of places becoming close to or actually in drought. We need to start to save our water.  Here are some tips…

1. Only run your dishwasher or washing machine when it is completely full.

2. Time your self in the shower. Max of five minutes.

3. When it is raining put your car out in the rain, so then you do not have to use more water to clean it.

4. Instead of washing up five cups/glasses, use a drink bottle and refil it.  That way you want have to wash up as much.

5. And remember there are a number of ways to save water, but it all starts with YOU!

Listen to this~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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