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What I would like to learn???


There are so many thing that I would like to learn but the main thing is that I would like to learn how to speak French.

In May this year my family and I went to London and Paris.  In Paris I really wished that I could understand what they were saying and be able to talk to them.  So since then I have wanting to speak French.  I know the basics from school when we learnt French in grade 1,2, 3 and 4 but we were to young to remember what we learnt.  Expect for “hello my name is______ how are you today” also we had 3 different ways to reply to that question.  I also learnt how to count to 14.  The rest I can’t remember.

I pleased to find out though that at my high school next year we have to learn French and Japanese.  So next time I go to France or Japan I will know how to speak a little more of the language.


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